Teal Paddles & Canoe Yokes

Teal Paddles and Yokes originated in the midst of northern Ontario's lakes and rivers in 1972. Since then, they have
been distributed to canoe enthusiasts through out the world.
We make one piece paddles of birch, cherry and ash woods sourced from Ontario wood lots.
They are durable, reliable and affordable.
Our Mission is to supply our customers with
an excellent quality product at affordable prices.
Our Paddles range in size from 36 inch to 70 inch.
Our Beavertail adult paddles are 6" wide in the blade and we also make an 8" wide paddle for river and white water canoeing. 
Our Ottertail paddles come in the same sizes as beavertail and are the same price. 
We also make Poplar Oars of 6'6'' , 7'and 8'.

Business for Sale

We are thinking about

retiring in the next

couple of years.

We will certainly miss dealing with canoe lovers but it is time to move on.

Our property includes a 4 bedroom house, 3 story shop, 2 storage buildings, a wood kiln and sawmill.

Check out our "Making a Paddle" page for pictures.

If you are interested in the business or just the property give us a call!

The Teal Portage Yoke is of the highest quality and
comfort available in a yoke. The center is scooped out
to fit comfortably around the neck, which makes carrying a canoe a pleasure. The Teal II Yoke is for those with husky shoulders and necks.  If you wear a size 17 neck dress shirt you might want to consider the Teal II yoke. We also shallow out a recess in the middle of the yoke to accommodate the neck vertebrae.
We make our Yokes of birch, poplar, cherry and ash wood and they come in the standard 39 inch length and a 44 inch yoke is also available.
Browse the site, find local Distributors or, if you've an Order to place, just download the Price List, make your selections and fill out the Order Form* or just email us.
Have a look at our One of a Kind Page, take a few moments with our Scrapbook and be sure to send in your own favourite "Tealin' around" photos and stories to add to our collection.


SHELLANE WOODWORKING is the Business Name behind the Teal Paddles Brand.
"Shellane Woodworking" will appear on Credit Card Statements and e-Transfer Documentation. We accept American Express, Discover, Visa, Mastercard & e-Transfers.