Our Mission:

To make strong, dependable paddles and yokes for people, like us,

who enjoy paddling in our beautiful world.


Russell carefully selects each log from wood lots in North Eastern Ontario.  The cherry logs are sourced from Central Ontario. The logs are brought home and sawn by Russell.
The sawing process is the beginning and the most important step in ensuring the logs are properly sawn so that the grains run straight and avoid stresses.
This makes for strong, dependable paddles and yokes.
Our home and business sit in the middle of farmland just west of a ribbon of towns along the shore of Lake Temiskaming. The "tri-towns" now named Temiskaming Shores is a great place to live and work. 
We've shared a few photos here of our home and travels. 























To see a slideshow of our manufacturing process, please CLICK HERE.




The Making of Green Paddles


At Shellane Woodworking (Home of the TEAL Paddle & Yoke), we have been striving to reduce our energy needs since buying the business in 2001.


Not only do we make the Paddles and Yokes but we saw the logs into boards and then dry them in our kiln. It takes a lot of energy to make a paddle from a tree!


Each year we concentrate on another aspect of our manufacturing process and have lowered our power consumption by 60%!  The obvious ways of cutting consumption included buying new energy efficient electric motors, upgrading to a modern 3 phase generator, insulating the buildings and installing heated floors in the shop and drying kiln. We are very pleased with the energy savings (and therefore cost savings) that we have accomplished in our kiln.


The average load of lumber takes about three weeks to dry. We dry wood almost year round to keep ahead of the supply we need. The kiln uses a dehumidifying process that causes the moisture in the air to condense on pipes and then to drain off into a holding tank. The electric dehumidifier/heater that was in use when we bought the business has been replaced with a convection style design based on temperature difference between the outside and inside of the kiln.


In 2008, we installed a solar collector to heat the water pipes instead of using the wood stove during the summer to run the kiln. This saves on wood consumption as well as energy to run the system. 


In 2015 we replaced all our shop lights with LED bulbs supplied by Ontario Hydro.  We were pleased to learn that we qualified for their energy reduction program. They supplied the bulbs while we supplied the labour to install them.  Not only do we get a better quality light from the LEDs but we will be saving on energy consumption as well!


At Shellane Woodworking we are always looking for new ways to make things easier, more cost efficient and better for our environment. We believe that even a small change can make a big difference.


So if you want to see the making of GREEN paddles, come out and see us on Sawmill Road New Liskeard, Ontario!  



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