Unusual Wood

We have many reasons to enjoy the work we do with wood but our greatest enjoyment is to take a piece of wood and turn it into a beautiful, useful paddle or yoke.

Once in a while, Russell finds a log that will make a gorgeous paddle or yoke due to the grain, colouring or compressions which we call Tiger Stripes.  It is also exciting to use a type of wood that we have not experimented with before and see what it looks like when turned into a paddle or yoke.


Here are some of those Special paddles that are in stock right now.


We have several POPLAR paddles in stock. 

Poplar is the lightest of the woods with a golden colour.

It is also the lightest in weight and makes paddling fun and easy!

If you do a lot of paddling or are planing a long trip, try a Poplar paddle for its feather light feel!

Russell has used the same poplar paddle for years without any cracks or damage to it.

The Poplar paddles are priced the same as the birch paddles.


          Looking for an unique gift?

These paddles have had Fracto Burning applied to them. The top pictures are a 57" cherry and the pictures to the left are of a 64" birch paddle. 

The cherry paddle is $100.00 and the birch paddle is $110.00


This beautiful cherry paddle on the far left is 57" long with bark on the shaft. The paddle blade has a unique grain with the lighter colour enhancing the rosy cherry colour. 

You can matched it with a cherry paddle holder and make a stunning wall display.  OR choose the 54" solid coloured cherry paddle with the beautiful grain.

Sale Price: Either Paddle and holder $125.00

Paddle alone - $100.00.

Make these paddles even more special by lasering a personal message or name on them.

This 57" paddle was painted by our daughter Katie. It has a green shaft and a beautiful blade of fall coloured leaves.

Paddle - $80.00

The yokes in the picture to the left are  WALNUT Teal, 39" length. They are finished with a semi gloss varnish.  $80.00 each.

We also have   unfinished WALNUT Teal yokes for $78.00. 

The boards on the far left are varnished cherry with live edges (bark).  With laser graphics and text they make great plaques to recognize employees, award recipients or as gifts.  They are in various sizes but most are 12" x 15".      Sale Price      $30.00 each


The boards in the picture on the right are unfinished and of various wood types and sizes.  They make great bread boards (season with vegetable oil) and presentation boards.  Each one is unique! We have boards in ash, cherry and birch.  

Sale Price      $25.00 each   



Inquire about our paddle holders.  We use ash, cherry and birch woods and each holder is unique and beautiful.  A great way to keep your paddle out of harms way and a great gift idea!

Single holders      $25.00

Double holders     $40.00

Triple holders       $45.00

Four place holder $50.00