SIZING Canoe Paddles


Sizing a Paddle to Fit You

There are several different methods of paddle sizing. The easiest is to stand the paddle vertically with the blade tip resting on the foot. The hand grip should come between your mouth and nose.

Trying out several different sizes of paddles while sitting in the canoe is another reliable way of deciding which size suits you. If your paddle is hitting the canoe gunnels when you're paddling, then it is too short for you.

Russell's preferred way of measuring a paddle for shaft length is to hold your arms above your head bent 90 degrees at the elbows. Holding the paddle in your hands, you should be gripping the hand grip in one hand and just above the blade at the throat of the paddle in the other hand. If your elbows are at a 90 degree angle, that is the shaft length for you.


Installing your Canoe Yoke


How to Install a Yoke

Our yokes are 39 inches long (99 cm).  Most canoes need a 36 inch (91.5 cm) yoke.  Therefore our yokes will need to be trimmed from each end.  There are several ways to attach the yoke to the canoe.


  • Use the existing mounting system if you are replacing a yoke.
  • Some canoe companies bolt the yoke in through the side walls.
  • Some canoe companies use their gunnels as an attachment bracket, however consult with the manufacturer as to the strength of their gunwale.
  • A piece of 1" aluminum angle iron can be bolted to the side of the canoe and to the yoke.  Holes will have to be drilled in the angle iron and the yoke and then bolted together.






Teal Paddles last forever and we often have people ask how they can refinish their paddle when the varnish wears or the paddle gets scratched while journeying through rocky rapids.


Here is how to go about refinishing your Teal paddle:


  • sand the affected area with fine sandpaper until it is smooth.

  • wipe any dust off with a wet cloth and let the paddle dry.

  • apply a coat of oil based polyurethane (not water based) and let dry completely.

  • sand lightly again and wipe away dust.

  • apply another coat of polyurethane.  Two or three coats will be fine and your paddle will be ready for another outing.